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Conservatives have been working to privatize our health care for years, and Andrew Scheer is no different. In fact, his MPs are already holding private fundraisers to discuss how business can “reimagine” health care. Andrew Scheer won’t just put a stop to the universal prescription drug funding that Canadians are fighting for – he’ll work with Doug Ford and Jason Kenney to cut health services that are already covered. That leaves regular Canadians paying out-of-pocket, just like our neighbours to the south.

Source: CTV


Andrew Scheer’s plan to fight climate change will make things a whole lot worse. Not only does his plan read like a wishlist from Canada’s biggest polluters, he also wants to roll back vital regulations already in place. His so-called “Plan to Protect Our Environment” will do nothing but set Canada further behind the rest of the world when it comes to protecting our planet for future generations and building the jobs of tomorrow.

Source: Globe and Mail


Doug Ford’s reckless cuts to health care, education, and support for children with autism are already doing massive harm to families across Ontario. Andrew Scheer says he’s “working toward the same goals.” He’s “excited” to work with Ford and other conservative premiers, like Jason Kenny, to unleash cuts on the whole country. He won’t let our fundamental rights stand in the way of helping his big business friends make a profit at our expense.

Sources: CTV, The Star, Chatelaine


Andrew Scheer says he rejects white supremacists, misogynists, and racists, but they sure seem to love him. He even spoke at the same rally as white supremacist commentator Faith Goldy. We know he’ll never stand up to the extreme views of his strongest supporters, because his own MP agrees with them.* With friends like these, how can we ever trust Andrew Scheer to truly stand up for Canadian values?

Sources: Macleans, Macleans, *Global News, CBC


Andrew Scheer talks a lot about the lives of “regular Canadians,” but how would he know? He’s been an elected official making more than $140,000 a year since he was 25. He has no idea what it means to face job insecurity or support a family on a low income. He’s so out of touch that he’s planning a $1.7B tax break for himself and other rich parents who send their kids to private school.

Sources: CBC, National Post


Andrew Scheer has no plan to deal with the skyrocketing cost of living, the housing affordability crisis, stagnant wages, or the number of good Canadian jobs currently being sent overseas. He’s best friends with big business and wants to keep wages low so his friends can make even larger profits. He doesn’t want to help Canadians as costs continue to rise and workers are struggling to make rent and put food on the table. What he does have is a plan to cut and privatize essential services Canadians rely on. Why? He needs to pay for the massive, $1.7 billion dollar tax giveaway he’s promised to Canada’s richest elites.

Source: Global News

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Pledge your vote to stop Scheer.

Andrew Scheer will cost hard-working Canadians. He has no real plan to deal with the cost-of-living crisis, housing affordability, stagnant wages, or good Canadian jobs being sent overseas. His plan for climate change will only make things worse and he’ll make us pay for tax breaks for his rich friends by cutting services we depend on.

Worse still, he’ll follow Doug Ford and Jason Kenney’s lead and Americanize our health care, clawback our rights, and bring Trump-style politics to our country.

Let’s choose a better future for Canada. Pledge your vote to stop Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives.